Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Liberal Trying to Liberate More than the Law Allows

The kids are VERY into comic books and graphic novels of all kinds. Our public library has a large collection of juvenile graphic novels in the children's department, and since the graphic novel section is also where we station ourselves when we spend time there (big round table, relatively more quiet than the part of the department that has the play room and train table and board books, near the door to the program room so we can easily see when it's time to go to whatever we've signed up for), the kids early on discovered the joys of browsing and reading and checking out the graphic novels.

Now that both kids are such voracious readers, I also don't do as thorough of a job checking out their reading material as I used to do--now I mostly skim something or read a page or two of one of their books as I'm picking up after them. The other day, Syd had gotten a bunch of Archie comics from the library, then left them lying around after reading them. As I was picking them up to put them away, I flipped open one of them to check out a random page:

Um.... yeah. Archie comics probably aren't appropriate reading material for the seven-year-old.


Tina said...

Ha! At least there was nothing showing :0)

I once bought a geography book from a library book sale with hand drawn maps (that were accurate). I thought it would be fun for homeschooling.

I was flipping through, looking at the maps, only to discover that the book was full of swears, inappropriate comments, and more.

That book quickly got turned into post cards and I still had to be careful that I didn't get a portion of the map with swears on it!

julie said...

Swears on MAPS!?! I'm totally intrigued!

When Matt read this post, he was completely unsurprised. He claims that Archie, when you really read it, is actually quite risque. Huh.

Tina said...

I KNEW I had posted about this book! Here is the link to the book and here is where we used them to make post cards

Jared has a HUGE collection of Marvel comics. I should probably drag them out and let Emma read them. Although, I think they might be at Gramma's...


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