Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Latest Over at Crafting a Green World: Pirate Party Invitations

This week over at CAGW, I was able to write both of my posts about the pirate party invitations that my girlies and I spent the weekend making:

and then a tutorial on the rest of the process involved in making the message in a bottle invitations that the entire family created for Willow's upcoming pirate-themed birthday party
removing labels and sticky glue from the glass bottles
burning the edges of the invitations to make them look all roughed up
We only accidentally completely incinerated one invitation!
stuffing the bottles

and sealing them with crayon wax

We hand-delivered these, all but one that Matt mailed to little friends who live the next town over. This party theme of Will's is so inspiring, though, that we have a LOT of projects to work on before the big day--prepping a treasure hunt, building a plank to have kids walk, practicing pirate face paint, learning how to twist balloons into pirate swords, buying a watermelon for Matt to carve into a pirate ship, baking a giant brownie cake to paint like a treasure map...

It's going to be a busy week!

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Lovebbi Suryanto said...

nice post :), you make me wanna try to make one yay!



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