Monday, July 16, 2012

Ink Blot Prints that Demonstrate Bilateral Symmetry

Sydney gets frustrated with a lot of computation, which is fine (for now--Willow also gets frustrated with a lot of computation, and yet I still require it of her, because apparently I'm meaner to older kids), so since she's long finished up any kindergarten math requirements that I had of her, we've been luxuriating in those kinds of hands-on, in-depth, sensorial math activities that internalize concepts, and that the kid absolutely loves.

For instance, it wasn't necessary to spend weeks on bilateral symmetry. And yet... bilateral symmetry is so fun! Here are some of our activities:
  • cutting out and folding shapes to discover and test their lines of symmetry
  • using graph paper to draw shapes that have bilateral symmetry, then cutting them out and folding them to test them
  • putting ANYTHING up against a mirror to see it in symmetry
  • taking a nature walk to collect leaves, then sorting them into groups of symmetrical and non-symmetrical, then folding them to test those theories, then drawing in the lines of symmetry using Sharpies
The best activity so far, however, has been ink blot printing. I'll let Sydney explain:

(By the way, Stephanie, I bought these BioColor paints from your recommendation, and we LOVE them!)

This is just the kind of activity that my little kid likes. She made print after print after print--

--then extended it to finger painting (discovering for herself that printing doesn't work if the paint has had time to dry)--

--then moved on to some very colorful handprinting--

--then added more and more and more paint--

--and found that she loved the feeling and the look of painting through all the layers--

--and made a GIANT mess!

And yes, Syd cleaned it up completely independently, including washing off the paint bottles, scrubbing the table, and giving herself a bath. That makes the activity even MORE satisfying, don't you think?

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