Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dolphin-Shaped Birthday Cake

Her daddy made her a dolphin cake for her birthday:

The cake is based on this dolphin-shaped cake, in that I baked the two 9" cakes that the tutorial calls for, then froze them overnight per my aunt's instructions that this would make them easier to carve (it did!), and attempted to show the tutorial to Matt so that he could duplicate it, but he had his own vision by that time, and Sydney adored his dolphin cake just as well, even if he didn't frost the sides. In the future, however, unless I have an actual template to trace, I'll likely just bake this kind of cake giant-sized in that giant cake pan right there, and then let Matt carve it out--easier, and we'll just have to deal with having all that extra cake, poor us.

Since the cake was irregularly shaped, it was quite amusing to cut:

And it fully met the approval of the birthday girl:

I've got our other dolphin birthday party ideas organized in my Dolphin Party Pinboard. Next up for July: Pirate Party!!!

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