Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pirate Party!

food that is also pirate ships
watermelon pirate ship and orange slice pirate ships
cake that is also a treasure map
It's a triple-batch of brownies--yum!
 appropriately-themed party music

face paint for all the kids

and just one of the adults!

Matt also made balloon pirate swords that, don't worry, only look that phallic as they're being created

There were water balloons and a plank to walk and sword fights and cake and ice cream and presents--

--but the highlight of the party was a treasure hunt. Matt created a bunch of clues and puzzles and such, and while the rest of the party was eating cake and ice cream, he and another dad snuck off to the park to hide them all around, as well as my giant X and associated treasure chest filled with treat bags.

After the kids were done eating, Matt led them all on a wild and crazy chase all around the park--

--searching to find and solve clues--

--and uncovering treasure! Then, since we were already at the park, the kids ran around and played while the rest of us hung out at a picnic table and ate leftover birthday cake. Some of the kids used the fake gold and silver coins and the melted plastic bead skulls from their treat bags to organize a highly elaborate "gambling" game that they played for FOREVER--

--which was totally fine, since we adults had gossip and birthday cake to entertain us.

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