Friday, December 12, 2008

Family is for Failing with

The mighty Horned Frogs fell----but we still got to spend two hours exhuberantly and fruitlessly rooting them on together (in a stadium filled to the max with fans of the opposing HOME team, even):The marble maze fell, but we had lots of wild and wooly times constructing it all together:Hell, even the gingerbread house fell-- --pitiful redneck shanty, but we had an awesome sugar-high time with a dear friend throwing candy all over it, anyway:
Ah, family...even when you suck, you get to suck together.


Anonymous said...

That last line is a great line! :)

julie said...

Throws water on the whole type-A, overachiever theory, too, I hope--there is no way in hell that a Type A overachiever would turn out a gingerbread house looking like THAT.

Abby said...

i love this post!

julie said...

And I love you.


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