Monday, February 21, 2022

Girl Scout My Little Pony Fun Patch and Watch Party, Because Teenagers are Still Babies


We have come a LONG way from that one time, 13 years ago, that I spent an entire day trying to distract my four-year-old away from her desire to just watch a freaking My Little Pony cartoon, for pete's sake.

I literally cannot make it any clearer to you that I have no chill, and have never had even the slightest amount of chill, than by having you read that blog post.

Or possibly it just illustrates the fact that I spoil the snot out of Syd, because not only did she watch so much Land before Time at that exact age that I eventually had to start cutting her off ONLY because she started talking like Ducky all the time and I was worried she'd need speech therapy, but also, literally yesterday, she and I played a game where I started reading the plot summaries of a random Land before Time movie, and she'd stop me when she remembered the rest of the plot.

I tell you what, those eggnappers were bad news!!!

And we have since seen every single episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and we have the soundtracks as part of our Spotify rotation, AND we watched the movie--in an actual theater!

My kids were clearly not the only ones who were My Little Pony superfans, because when this limited edition fun patch for the most recent Netflix movie came out, several of my Girl Scouts wanted one. Nostalgia is a happy emotion, and I love seeing kids who aren't too cool for their childhood pleasures!

The suggested activities for earning the fun patch are of course WAY too babyish for teenagers, so we satisfied ourselves by watching that My Little Pony movie (yes to a whole month of Netflix!!!), and engaging in a few My Little Pony-adjacent activities.

Here are some of those My Little Pony-adjacent activities, all quite suitable for the nostalgic teenager:

  • Perler beads. Really, any fan art will do, but Perler beads are very suitable for teenagers, and many of them like fiddly little activities they can do with their hands while chatting. I also highly recommend shrink plastic, either printed with images you've grabbed off Google that they can color, or photocopied with graphics from the billion My Little Pony coloring books, activity books, and early reader books at the thrift store.
  • stickers and temporary tattoos. Draw your own (have you heard the gospel of water-slide paper?!?) or print graphics like these cutie marks.
  • DIY plushies. This is way too much work to do with a group of kids, but it would also be a good project to hand-sew in felt and embroidery floss, if you had a teenager or two who wanted to learn that skill.
  • party food. Ignore the fact that this blog post with all the awesome party food is for a My Little Pony party for a THREE-YEAR-OLD. Ahem. The beauty of having a retro MLP party with teenagers is that THEY can make all the food! Everybody can sign up to bring something, or you can choose all the recipes and buy all the ingredients ahead of time, and let making the food be one of the activities.
  • cake cones. One year, Syd had a fairy tale party complete with a castle cake that she decorated herself. Bizarrely, the most popular parts of this castle cake were the waffle and sugar cones she'd coated in canned frosting. The kids mowed down those frosted cones--they might even have pulled the leftovers out of the pantry and frosted and eaten them, too! It was a sleepover that I'm pretty sure nobody slept at. So I think these My Little Pony-themed cones would be pretty popular to make and eat!
  • upcycled toys. It would be super cute to have the kids bring some old MLP toys they wouldn't mind parting with, then letting them upcycle them into fun, new creations. Here's an easy snow globe to start with!
Because one of the greatest lessons that you can teach a teenager is how to throw an awesome retro party!

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