Monday, October 11, 2021

The Newest Bark Ranger of Indiana Dunes National Park: Day 4


On this day, we had time for one final adventure before heading back home. Instead of visiting another beach, Will wanted to hike the Great Marsh Trail, so off we went!

We picked the perfect time for our final hike--you can see in the photos how that mostly clear blue sky became overcast in just the hour that we wandered around, spying on egrets and monarchs and frogs:

After finishing our hike just as the skies finally opened up, all that remained was to pop back by the Visitor Center so that the newest Junior Ranger and Bark Ranger of Indiana Dunes National Park could take their oaths, and then we were ready for my teen with a learner's permit to terrify us both during her very first long drive on an interstate highway!

One day, I think she'll even be brave enough to pass another vehicle!

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