Monday, September 20, 2021

In Which a Plague of Cats Help Me Reach My Goal (of Remaking a Hoodie)

I have wanted to remake the too-small hood and the stained front pocket on my thrifted Nintendo hoodie for... I don't even know. If someone told me it was a full decade, I wouldn't so much as blink in surprise.

Funny that for something I've had taking up space in the back of my mind for multiple years, it was a single morning's work to actually do it!

I strained the snot out of my poor myopic eyes ripping the old hood and the front pocket with Superglue all over it off the hoodie, then made new paper pattern using the much nicer hood of my favorite Titanic hoodie:

For fabric, I used a flannel shirt for the outside and some stash black flannel for the lining. Gracie helped a lot with this step:

I managed to do all that--AND sew the whole thing back together!--on Sunday morning while Matt mopped up an entire basket of eggs that the cats apparently spent the night throwing around the kitchen (note to self: the basket might as well just sit empty from now on, since the cats will clearly fight over that specific lounging space whether or not it's full of eggs freshly collected from the coop) and the kids followed behind him making an equally huge mess prepping their District breads for our Hunger Games Family Movie Night.

Darn that I was too busy to assist with any of those clearly super fun activities!

Matt drove the kids to driver's ed and when he came back, I asked if he'd take some photos of me in my new hoodie.

Spots helped:

Here she is having second thoughts about helping me model:

Here are her third thoughts in the midst of my clear delight:

And then I guess I wrongly assumed that the photo shoot was over...

Not gonna lie: I am REALLY looking forward to fall weather! I love layers and flannel and sweatshirts and hoods a lot more than I like shorts and sandals and swimsuits. Put me in a Nintendo sweatshirt with a two-layer flannel hood, a pair of jeans and some hiking boots, and a plague of cats to shed on me, and I'll be happy as a clam!

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