Tuesday, May 18, 2021

I Made a Sewing Machine Cover from an Old Blanket and a Vintage Quilt Top


As we all knew it would, last year's sewing machine saga ended with me buying another sewing machine.

I do NOT understand why sewing machines are impossible to repair!

I mean... obviously I DO know why sewing machines are impossible to repair. If the sewing machine company (*cough, cough, all of them, cough*) makes its sewing machine using plastic parts, then your sewing machine will inevitably break before too long, because plastic isn't a good material for a hard-wearing, hard-working sewing machine part. And when that two-dollar piece of plastic that makes up some crucial part of your machine's operation cracks and renders your sewing machine inoperable, you can't buy a new two-dollar piece of plastic to replace it, because the company doesn't sell its parts separately.

It is SUCH a racket. Even my old metal sewing machine is just about impossible to repair these days, as its replacement parts are now vintage and therefore also hard to find. 

I just really need somebody with a 3D printer and an entrepreneurial spirit to start a business copying and selling sewing machine parts. I'll buy the snot out of your products before you get shot down for patent infringement!

Speaking of stealing another entity's intellectual work... I 100% created my sewing machine cover by cutting the cheap-looking cover that my machine came with apart at the seams and tracing it.

Where did I get that cotton blanket that I found at the very bottom of my stash fabric bin? No clue, but I love it as the base fabric of my sewing machine cover.

Where did I get that vintage quilt top, also found at the bottom of my stash fabric bin? No clue, but it's perfect for embellishing that cotton blanket!

I used my wood star template to make a couple of stars to embellish the cover, and I love how they look patchwork without me putting in the effort!

I zig-zag stitched them to the cover, although I should have put some interfacing under them first:

Just don't look at how the applique is a little wavy. Instead, look at how nicely my sewing machine is protected from dust!

Let's hope this sewing machine lasts longer than the last four!

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