Monday, April 19, 2021

Prints and Patterns Rainbow Fibonacci Placemats for Pumpkin+Bear


Because you know I can't leave well enough alone, nor make one single iteration of a project when fourteen different iterations would be more obsessive.

I LOVE my solid color rainbow Fibonacci placemats, and use them every day. But I couldn't get the idea out of my head of the same placemat done in rainbow prints and patterns, or rather, multiples of the same placemat, all with a different combination of prints and patterns.

It satisfies my love of chaos without nearly as much assault on the eyeballs as usually occurs when I get hold of more than two colors at the same time. It also pings that spot in my brain that's obsessed with mathematical patterns, now that the kids are both so busy studying for end-of-year exams that they've got little time to do weird and involved math projects with me.

I LOVE how these placemats look!

I love them in combination with each other--

--and in combination with my solid color rainbow Fibonacci placemats:

Spots likes them, too, so much so that she even helped me with my photo shoot!

These made-to-order prints and patterns rainbow Fibonacci placemats are now listed in my Pumpkin+Bear etsy shop. You order them, and I'll sew them up for you with your very own, unique combination of rainbow prints and patterns!

I think I'm going to make a rainbow Fibonacci quilt next!

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