Thursday, March 25, 2021

That One Blessed Week of Snow This Year

 Now that we're far enough into spring that writing about snow shouldn't call it back down upon us (it's in the mid-60s and calling for thunderstorms today--it's SPRING!!!), I'm safe to brag about the beautiful week of snow we had this winter!

This winter's Week of Snow was especially precious, because last winter we had none! We didn't make a single snowbeast, or skate outside one single time. There were two full years' of dust on the sleds when Matt brought them down from storage. It was a big, noticeable bummer that year, so we made extra sure we got our snowy memories made this year.

Syd let me take many photos of her in her beat-up pointe shoes in the snow, as well as a few of these still-lifes of her nice, new pointe shoes:

Will, who hasn't stepped skate into an indoor ice rink in over a year, got to skate to her heart's content on a nearby frozen lake:

And then she and I took Luna out for a nice wander on the ice:

Alas, we returned with our coat pockets absolutely stuffed with trash, because not only did the iced-over lake make it manageable to find and remove all of the various tangled fishing lines and lures and hooks from all the branches overhanging the lake, but when we finally stepped back on shore, we discovered that some monstrous evil had staged a... Promposal, perhaps? Or engagement photo shoot?... on the path, and had simply left an absolute zillion fake flower petals just lying there. If you look closely, you can also see whole strings of dead LED lights on both bannisters, but Will convinced me I could leave those for a park ranger to remove, since we'd already spent all of our remaining allotted free time picking faux flower petals out of the snow. 

And for our remaining allotted time with the last of the snow, we finally got to make our snowbeasts!

We even made our very first fort EVER:

It was wonky, fit Matt and Syd together only if they sat up very straight and didn't breathe too deeply, and melted nearly completely overnight when the weather turned, but it perfectly topped off the most perfect winter week we've had in year.

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