Friday, January 25, 2019

January Snow Days

The constant watching of the radar and the wishing for snow starts in mid-November, but it's rare that we get a good snowfall until January. Occasionally, we've had a good December snow, but mostly, we don't see the season's first big snow until the next year.

Sometimes it doesn't even show up until February, which is... oh, my gosh.

Fortunately, we didn't have to wait quite that long this year:

None of us can get over this doggy's inexplicable love of the snow. In this video we're all marveling, because we've never seen her play with a toy before--she's THAT excited!

That first snow was the best we've ever had for snowballs and snow people, but it went straight from rain to snowstorm to rain again. Thankfully we had another snowstorm that later led into a beautiful, sunny day!

And it's even a weekend, so Matt doesn't have to abandon us and then feel guilty about it.

In case you hadn't heard the news that kids love sensory materials, here is one kid army crawling through the snow, the other kid tossing it and pouring it and throwing it into her mouth, and the army crawling kid got caught lapping snow up from the ground like an animal...

I do miss how easy it used to be to walk across the street to the city park on snow days, but there's also a LOT to be said about our own private field for playing in:

And Matt even got pictures of ME. I'm wearing his novelty twinkle light print onesie under my snow gear, by the way. MY onesie has a life-sized skeleton on it:

If you look carefully, you can see that Will is in this photo, too!

The one tragedy is that with all of this snow, we never did actually get any good sledding done. So we still have plenty of big wishing to do, and fortunately it's not even February yet. One year, we didn't even get our first big snow until the middle of February!

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