Monday, February 22, 2021

Easy DIY Envelope: One Piece of Paper, Four Folds, and Three Swipes with a Glue Stick!

The other day, I was expecting a few members of my Girl Scout troop to drop by (for a safe and socially distant outdoor transfer of Girl Scout cookies, because 'tis the season!), and I randomly realized that it was also the Lunar New Year

Thanks, Facebook!

Obviously, any children encountered on the Lunar New Year are children who must be gifted red envelopes with money inside, because I do not fool around when it comes to holidays. 

Because I also have the Depression-era hoarding skills of my Nana, I have an equally random little stash of two-dollar bills. In my opinion, two-dollar bills aren't even literal money--they exist solely as Tooth Fairy and birthday card currency. The sole difference is that Tooth Fairy bills have glitter on them, birthday card bills are folded into some cute origami shape, and red envelope bills are ironed until they're nice and crisp.

So now I've got a two-dollar bill for each kid, they're all nice and crisp, and all I need is the red envelope! 

You can download free red envelope printables, but my printer already runs on gold dust and angel hair and I already have to beg it for half an hour before it will print out so much as a math worksheet; I ain't begging it to print a bunch of red envelope templates and then having it go belly-up halfway through until I run out to buy it another forty-dollar ink cartridge. Instead, here's a dead-easy way to DIY an envelope from one square piece of paper and a little glue:

Notice that this first fold isn't even perfectly even, and it doesn't even matter!

It also doesn't matter if you want these side flaps to end up on top of or underneath the bottom flap.

If you want the envelope to look a little tidier, you can round all of your points before you glue everything down.

And that's totally it! You can of course make any size envelope simply by changing the size of the square, and use any paper simply by trimming it to be square. I will be sad at you if you ever buy another envelope!

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