Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Upon the Occasion of the Murderbrat's First Birthday

And just like that, our wee Ginger Prince--

--is one year old! 

Obviously, this calls for a party. Alas for the pandemic the guest list was quite limited, but nevertheless Syd baked the birthday boy a birthday cake--

--and we served it on doll dishes with one handmade candle and a sprig of catnip:

Syd even made enough for him to share with his frenemies!

We love our glorious murderbrat, while fully admitting that he's also kind of awful. He never fails to speak his mind, and isn't afraid to holler at us when we're not doing his bidding quickly enough. He chases Gracie, who puts up with his garbage, and takes running leaps directly over Spots, the better to piss her off. He spends much of his time lying on my desk next to me, on a cushion that Syd made for him so that he can look out the window or nap in equal comfort. He loves and comforts and entertains our Syd, and is probably her greatest source of joy in this challenging year. 

It's never made me happier to fail at something than it has to be this cat's foster failure.

It would be awesome if he would stop sharpening his claws on my chair, though!

the day they met
on the occasion of his first birthday

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