Friday, October 18, 2019

Homemade Halloween Treats: Sandwich Cookie Critters

Like the marshmallow monster cupcakes, these sandwich cookie critters were both inspired by a Pinterest project (Chips Ahoy! critters!) and made entirely from ingredients I already had on hand.

Well, I cheated a little bit. Matt went shopping for the ingredients to make oatmeal cookies, made them, and then I stole eight of them to make a critter for everyone in the family. But the cream cheese and powdered sugar were leftover from Matt's birthday (birthday carrot cake for the win!), I bought the food coloring to make rainbow cake for my Girl Scout troop's Bridging party, and I'm bound and determined that those candy eyes won't live through yet another Halloween.

Here's the cream cheese frosting recipe that I used.

If only I'd worked in a way to use up some more of our sprinkles, I'd have won on all fronts!

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