Saturday, September 21, 2019

Lots of Vintage Comic Book Pinbacks on Pumpkin+Bear

Goal achieved!

I said that I wanted to list my vintage comic book pinback buttons, but stuff like that takes absolute AGES to photograph and upload and list, so I kept putting it off. But it turns out that making the last denim slipcover for my couch--the biggest and wonkiest-shaped slipcover of them all--is an even more loathsome task than this, because I found myself procrastinating from my most-dreaded chore by completing this slightly less-dreaded chore. It took ALL the time that I had to spare from our homeschooling day one day to take the photographs...

...although I did have some help:

This is why I never advertise that my items come from a pet-free home!
It took FOREVER, but I could not stop myself from listing my favorite pinbacks individually:
There! Look! A Ghost and a Witch!

I Wish This Was Connecticut
Project Cadmus Has Stolen Superman's Body
I Don't Want to Hear about Politics or Wars
Aiieee! Merlin Smites Us Again!
But in Case You Haven't Noticed, I'm Not Exactly Menses Material
That's Variations in D Minor by JS Bach
But the Children--What about the Children?
But Mutants are the Only Ones Who aren't Protected by Laws
There! Look! A Ghost and a Witch!
 I did put a set together just of my overly-large collection of Hulk comic book pinbacks:



That's... a lot of Hulk pinbacks. I don't know. Hulk is awesome.

I also set up a bunch of different sets of randomly selected vintage comic book pinbacks. This is, like, a SMALL collection of what I've made. I kinda got obsessed with making comic book pinbacks there for a while...

See that bag? The entire hoard lives in there:

For a while I also got obsessed with making pinbacks from vintage dictionary pages:








They're just as fun to do as the comic book pinbacks, because I'm a word nerd!

I still have plenty of things that I want to stock--sets of bean bag chickens, surplus play silks, Halloween-themed candle sets, and ideally some new candlesticks--but it's not going to be this weekend! Syd's Nutcracker audition is this afternoon, so this morning we're streaming the Nutcracker score and misting lavender essential oil and modeling calmness, and as soon as that's done we've got to start baking a seven-layer rainbow cake and finishing the party favors and putting Girl Scout vests in order, because tomorrow my troop is having their Bridging ceremony and celebration, and there's still so much rainbow-themed stuff to prepare!

Deep breath into the lavender mist...

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