Friday, July 5, 2019

Independence Day, Or, Any Excuse for a Parade

I haven't been real thrilled with my country for a couple of years now, so Independence Day has lost much of its shine (honestly, though, even when the kids were littler and we did more "celebrating," it was mostly on the themes of geography and history and the science of fireworks. I have Opinions about "patriotism" even under the best of presidents).

Thank goodness for my odd little town, then. Thank goodness for the Girl Scouts.

The morning of July 4 has, despite Independence Day, become my favorite thing about my town, and that's all because of its quirky Independence Day parade. Here we are watching it back in 2008:

Here was our first year as official marchers:

And by this year, it's become one our favorite, most fun Girl Scout traditions:

Surely you didn't expect her to entertain herself before the parade in any other way! 
Fortunately, there's quite a lot to entertain oneself with DURING the parade.

Yep, wearing the same Girl Scout shirt in the parade for the past five years.

Handing out candy is their favorite part of walking in the parade. Getting candy is their favorite part of watching the parade!
When we're done, I always take the troop back to watch the rest of the parade. My favorite part is checking out the quirky entries!

The political entries also make me feel better. Thank goodness for other outraged citizens!

I've realized that I take some photos over and over. Here's the Hudsucker Posse in 2013--

--and here they are this year!

Here's Beanpole in 2013--

--and here they are this year!

After the parade, another very important part of the tradition is to go home for a cool shower and a nap--it is a VERY warm two miles on that pavement in the full sun! We spent far more than its fair share of the summer budget in Hawaii (as one tends to do, sigh...), so instead of giant banana splits we used free ice cream cone coupons--people do pass out more than just candy in the parade!--and instead of driveway fireworks we hung out on my big bed with books, weird YouTube videos, and foster kittens.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a day.

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