Thursday, July 11, 2013

Independence Day 2013

When we visited Philadelphia and Independence Hall a couple of weeks ago, it didn't even occur to me that Independence Day was right around the corner. Happy coincidence!

That helps make this holiday celebration the same as all our holiday celebrations--academic and low-key.

our hometown Independence Day parade (we like it weird!)


This is the first year that we've done fireworks at home. Our town can't seem to figure out the simple, practical measures that all the surrounding towns take to ensure a nice fireworks show that isn't a money pit, so they cancelled the show this year in a fit of spite. Normally, I'm really squeamish about causing the kind of scene that driveway fireworks make, but our across-the-street neighbor is really nice, and our next-door neighbor, well... Animal Control came back to our house a couple of days ago to verify that our coop does not smell, as he called again to complain that it did, and that our sight barrier is within the regulation, as he called again to say that it's not, and seeing that the officer was visibly angered at having been sent back for no reason (wild goose chases cost time and money!), AND as driveway fireworks are also within city regulation, I felt confident that I had the City's double support for annoying him inside the bounds of the law.

The M-60s were satisfyingly LOUD, and the honeybees were bright and loud and lifted up surprisingly and delightfully speedily and high. The children were absolutely giddy, and could barely be brought down the necessary few notches before bedtime, even with the generous application of sparklers:

Even after their showers, they went to bed still smelling like smoke and gunpowder.

Just as they should do on the Fourth of July!


Tina said...

We are SO jealous that you had horses in your parade. You would think that a city in Montana would have horses, but no. Two hours in the scorching sun and not one single horse.

Oh well. The fireworks look like fun! I thought about picking some up, but after living in Arizona for years, I will always carry around a small bit of fear at playing with things that shoot sparks and flames everywhere.

The girls look like they had a blast!

julie said...

No horses in Montana?!? In my hometown of Ft. Smith, Arkansas, there's no Independence Day parade, but there IS a Memorial Day parade. Not only does it have probably a hundred horses in it, but it begins with a real, live Wild West shoot-out on Garrison Ave.

It's epic.