Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Kid Made Polymer Clay Flowers

Here's the very first thing that Syd ever made from polymer clay, back when she was all of four years old:

And here's the most recent:

Unless we're just absolutely out of time the girls make handmade gifts for all of their gift-giving occasions, and the particular occasion that inspired these delicate little polymer clay flowers was the birthday party of a friend from Syd's ballet classes. It's an interesting (and useful!) challenge to craft the perfect gift for a friend that one doesn't already know very well, and I was more than a little surprised, honestly, that Syd didn't automatically choose to make the child something ballet-themed.

But if there's one thing that you must know about Syd, it's that she always has A Vision. She envisioned embellishing a headband with a bouquet of polymer clay flowers, and that's just what she did!

Even if it meant crafting over a dozen tiny, delicate, detailed polymer clay flowers by hand:

I love this one the best. See how she used her own fingerprints as embellishments?

Syd took the following photos of her completed headband (and unfortunately she is not yet as interested in photography as she is the other arts, and it shows...), so you can see that the details did not stop with the bouquet. She added a braided length of waxed cord, embellished with beads, that dangles from the bouquet--

--and on the opposite end, a nice, big bumblebee!

Here the headband is in all its glory (and with all the hot glue strings tidied out of the way):

It certainly makes all the time I spent organizing her polymer clay supplies for her well worth it!

P.S. Syd doesn't use tutorials for her creations, but I do, and I have an entire Crafting: Clay Pinboard where I keep my inspiration.

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