Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How to Make Glittered and Painted Shells

As part of the prehistoric fashion unit of our History of Fashion study, Syd and I had a project to embellish shells and make them wearable.

We didn't use exactly the methods that prehistoric people would have, but we achieved the same results: decorative, wearable fashion accessories!

Sure, the prehistoric peoples probably had different ideas than we do about what looks decorative, but they didn't have glitter and gold paint to work with.

We used artist's-quality acrylic paints and my favorite paint pens for the shells, with no priming needed:

To glitter a shell, first spray it with Aleene's Tacky Spray (this item is one of my crafting secrets, by the way--I use it ALL the time!)--

Notice the tons of newspaper we put down, and I still wouldn't have let Syd use the spray in the house if it hadn't been raining outside. I got this stuff on that very table once upon a time, and it's still there--I'm one of the main reasons why we don't have nice things.

--and then glitter it until it begs for mercy:

After it begs, give it a little more glitter anyway:

Because of course you can't have too much glitter!

I'll tell you more about the other resources and activities that we've used for this prehistoric fashion unit another time. Right now, though, Syd and I are throwing a party for her American Girl dolls out on the driveway. There will be cake on real dishes, and tea in real cups.

It's gonna be a great afternoon!

P.S. Here's how to drill those holes that you can see in some of the shells.

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