Friday, July 29, 2016

Cruise to Alaska Day 02: Cruising the Inside Passage

This day had the second most beautiful scenery of our cruise (you'll see the MOST beautiful scenery when I show you the Hubbard Glacier!), but you'll notice that I only took one photo of it. Real photographers see more deeply when they look through the camera lens, I think, but as for me, I think that I have to choose whether to look deeply at something or take pictures of it--a memory doesn't feel as real to me if I've only seen it through the camera. So for much of the trip, I chose whether I wanted to look at it or photograph it, and on this day, I clearly wanted to look!

Our first indulgent breakfast! Matt is eating a cooked-to-order eggs benedict and a sweet roll, and I am surely eating either bacon, sauteed mushrooms, and roasted tomato or salami, raw salmon, and fresh tomato on a croissant. I did not discover chocolate croissants until our third day on ship, more's the pity.
White-sided dolphins from our cruise ship! After breakfast, I bundled up and sat out on deck most of the day, alternating binoculars and Hamilton. 
This isn't the last time that we saw white-sided dolphins, but I believe that it's the only time that I photographed them.
Ditto with the sea lions!

I was pretty excited about the lecturers on the ship--we had a naturalist and an oceanographer. I brought my travel journal along to each lecture and took notes.

Here's our naturalist.

See? Notes! People commented on my note-taking, and once, as I was casing one of the fifth floor lounges for the best spot to watch the string quartet, an older gentleman in a track suit waved me over to him solely because he'd seen me taking notes at that day's lecture and wanted to discuss it with me. One of my favorite things about this cruise was adult conversation--very little talk about kids, but lots of talk about books, movies, travel, and history!

Even though the scenery was majestic--we were cruising the most narrow part of the Inside Passage, including the Seymour Narrows, a part so treacherous that it requires its own pilot--this is the only photo that I took of it on this day, and even this is at the very end of the day, when the fog is coming in and I'm on my way down to our room to dress up for a reception.
Okay, I sat in our window and read for a little while longer before I got dressed.
We went to the Captain's Reception, where the ship's officers all introduced themselves and there was free champagne and nibblies.
And then we hit the martini bar, because the entire ship had an open bar in honor of the Captain's Reception! It turns out that I love myself a dirty martini. I'd meant to try as many different cocktails as possible while everything was free, but instead I had two dirty martinis.
So obviously we then hit up the super fancy restaurant while we were nice and drunk. Thank goodness for the bread basket!
You can't see it, but we're sitting next to a large window and we have a gorgeous view.
Our cruise included all the food, even the fancy food at the fancy restaurants, and my philosophy was that if there was something on the menu that I'd never eaten before, then by god, I was going to eat that thing! Here I'm eating my first caviar.
And that's how I know that I love caviar!
Not pictured: the whales that we also saw (my first whales!!!), the blanket burrito that I spent most of the day happily in after an attendant thought that I looked cold and brought me THREE fleece blankets, the captain, whose biography informed us that his career at sea began when he ran away from home as a teenager(!!!), or the cruise director, who gazed at the captain with stars in her eyes during his welcome speech.


Tina said...

Your trip sounds so amazing! Although, the thought of adult conversation scares me a little. I get all flustered when I am talking to people about things I am smart in. Which, of course, makes me look dumb.

I totally get you on the photographing vs. seeing things. Sometimes all I want to do is photograph Emma's moments, but then I realize, I am missing out on the moments because I'm so busy with the camera.

julie said...

I'd thought that the adult conversation was going to suck, too--heck, I wasn't even sure I had enough to talk about with my own husband for two weeks!--but it actually became one of my favorite things. Talking about books, movies, travel, history, science stuff, funny stories--it was really fun! And even when I did say something stupid, I'd just figure, "Eh, I'm not going to see these people again after we get off this ship."