Friday, March 11, 2016

Her New Dress

Will wouldn't let me take too many photos of it, nor would she let me do her hair cute or go without the torn leggings underneath or put on her boots instead of her old sneakers, so yes, I count myself lucky to have gotten these two pictures of the dress that I sewed for her this week:

My design and construction notes are all here in the Crafting a Green Post that I wrote for it, but the tl;dr is that it's the Chambray Dress, size medium, from Handmade Style. It's not something that I'd sew for myself, because I prefer a top with better drape, ideally something stretchy, but it's a good look on Will, and she seems to like it well enough.

I did get Will's buy-in on both the dress pattern and fabric before I sewed it, but it's clear now that she'll always want to wear leggings or bicycle shorts underneath it. And that's how my new project has become finding a good leggings/bicycle shorts pattern!

Do you know of one?


Tina said...

That looks super comfy! I love that she has two books :0) I've started making Emma bring two books in the car because she always manages to finish one and then complains the rest of the time.

Good luck on the leggings pattern! I think I have a few in my pinterest stuff, but I haven't made any of them. Super helpful, I know ;0)

julie said...

I broke down and bought her one pair of leggings, which I HATE to do because I feel like leggings don't last well enough to justify the money. Now, though, I at least have the leisure time to figure out the perfect leggings pattern to sew.