Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Toys, Transformations, and Thanksgiving

I've been lax about showing you what I've been doing over at Crafting a Green World lately--I'm there as much as I am here already, and writing about there when I'm over here makes me feel like I'm still there, you know?

Nevertheless, I'm tippety-tapping my pretty fingers to the bone over there three times a week (and several times a day on Facebook), and so here's an update on what I've done most recently!

I monogrammed each toy chest so that the kids can't fight over them. They will anyway!
Cutting LEGO plates with my scroll saw=heaven

The project also included large drawstring bags, monogrammed with freezer paper stencils:

These go inside the LEGO play tables, but can be removed, taking all the LEGOs with them. They keep stray pieces much more safely contained!

I've been working with the kids to reorganize their belongings, in the mad hope that this will help them keep things tidier, and this LEGO storage has, surprisingly, made a world of difference. My ultimate dream is for a system in which storage is coded by color and size, but for now, that's way more fussy than the children want or would keep nice. Really, all that matters for now is that the LEGOS are contained, and that I don't have to step on them every single time I walk across the floor barefoot.

I still want a separate storage system for individual LEGO sets, and one for our LEGO train system, but until then, three cheers for chaos contained!


Tina said...

Woohoo for toy containment! Those toy chests are neat.

We have not played with freezer stencil painting in a long time. I think it's such an awesome way to paint intricate stencils.

I just bought a job saw for a bench I made, and I have already been dreaming about all the cool things I can make with it!

julie said...

JOB SAW!!!!! I want to see pictures of every single thing that you make!

I am super excited about making some toys with my jigsaw, but the kids are a little too old to get super into playing with wooden toys like that. Maybe I can instead get them super into making wooden toys with me? We could always just... decorate with them, I guess?

Tina said...

Ha! I am not sure what my issue was the day I commented, but it's actually a jig saw that I bought. It really pays to proof-read a little better :0)

Maybe next year you and the girls can make toys to donate somewhere for Christmas? Or maybe it's a project your girls and their Girls Scout Troop could do next year?