Sunday, September 20, 2015

The DIY Pinata Racket

Even knowing that this project was mostly an excuse for two children to split an entire bag of candy, I'm still a sucker for a kid-initiated, kid-made project, and so when Syd put balloons and candy on the shopping list so that she could make herself a pinata, I assured her that it was a wonderful idea.

And it was. Of course.

For the paste, Syd used a recipe from The Incredible Secret Formula Book, and while it was a more elaborate recipe than I would have chosen, she was able to make it independently and it worked great.

Don't you think so?
She also mounted the pinata herself, although I have no idea how.
Puffball and I stayed far away from the action.

And then they ate their candy, cleaned up their mess, and found some other mischief to get into.

It was another successful engineering project in another successful homeschool day!

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