Friday, August 14, 2015

American Girl Goes a Little Bit Goth: A Pink Skulls Reversible Skirt

Here's the latest listing in my Pumpkin+Bear etsy shop: a pink skulls American Girl doll skirt!
I started off by making one for Syd, of course, and then made a second one for my shop.

I LOVE this reversible wrap skirt because the Velcro makes it super simple for the kid to use.

On the reverse side the skirt is plain pink, because you don't always want to wear skulls.

My next project is to see how this skirt works with jersey knit, because I'd love to upcycle T-shirts into doll skirts.

Here are the couple of doll skirt types that I've made so far:

Sense a pattern?


Tina said...

Love the skulls!

We made one with some upcycled some sort of stretchy fabric and it worked ok, but the velcro ended up being off. I think if I had starched the fabric (as I have learned from reading your blog), it would have worked out, but I have never starched anything before, so there's that.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

julie said...

Stretchy fabric will really work itself out of whack if you let it. I used to loathe interfacing, but now I absolutely use it if I don't want to starch. And interfacing might work really well for this kind of skirt, so that it also wouldn't work itself out of whack in the wash.