Sunday, May 31, 2015

What Have We Learned This Year?

I generally count our year-round school year as August-July, but since this week marked the end of our local public school's school year (and today we're going to the open house for the kids' sleep-away camp next month, and tomorrow Syd starts her Summer Intensive ballet program!!!), it made me curious to review what we've learned so far this year. Here are just a few of our larger themes:

(Note: I put in a few links and photos, but you'd want to search my blog for the full curriculum plans that I used and all of our other activities and resources)


color theory


fashion design (for Syd)

limestone carving (for Will)


Foreign Languages






decimals (just Will)


long division (just Will)

multi-digit multiplication (both kids!)


ballet (for Syd)

horseback riding

Practical Life

cookie sales



Reading and Writing


aquatic ecosystems


Robotics (for Will)

Although the kids are in and out of all kinds of interests, all the time (lately, for instance, they are OBSESSED with density, and we've been doing tons of density experiments/demonstrations together), these listed are the main ones, the ones that have seemed to find their way into our studies all year. Will used area calculations to figure out the layout of her butterfly garden last week. Syd made me a lovely arrangement of peonies for the table yesterday. As part of her school this month, Will is reading a college paleontology textbook, which she can understand because she's studied so much paleontology.

Our days are sometimes hard, and they sometimes feel too long, and they sometimes seem too short, and sometimes nobody wants to do their math or their grammar or their chores--including me! But looking back through the year, seeing that a kid who couldn't subtract with borrowing in August can now calculate multi-digit multiplication problems, that a kid who was so nervous that she forgot her silks routine in December just walked a fashion show runway in front of a full auditorium in April... well, that's encouraging. It's inspiring.

Frankly, it's a large part of why we homeschool.

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