Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Latest: The Awesomes

My round-up of the week's paid writing is late, because on Sunday I was deliberately NOT doing all the productive things that I usually do on Sundays. Instead, I watched Birdman, and spent a lot of time sledding, and ate Tibetan food--you know, the kind of stuff that the normals probably always do on a Sunday.

Anyway, here's what I got paid to write last week!

and ALL about the superhero costumes that I made for the kids and submitted to our town's Trashion/Refashion Show jury
I wrote this tute on appliqueing jersey knit without using fusibles

Syd and Will both helped piece the T-shirt fabric for their capes.

I made a template, and their job was to piece together something that was larger than that template.
Then I cut that piece to size, and added it to the cape.
I decided not to take the time to starch, so instead I painstakingly pinned while watching... is that Supernatural or New Girl? Can't tell.

Here are the rest of my build notes for the completed garments

I'm not super pleased with how these came out--if I hadn't been spending most of my time last month managing the Girl Scout cookie business, I think that you'd be looking at a much more elaborately detailed, intricately pieced pair of costumes right now--but I think that what you are looking at at least has more of the feel of a homemade, kid-designed superhero costume, like what a kid superhero would actually look like if she actually had the skills to applique herself a cape and sew herself a leotard. 

And, of course, the kids like them, so, you know, fuck you, Perfectionism!


melanie said...

I think my favorite thing is the unique placement of the A on the leotards! Putting the A to the side, instead of on the chest may be a small movement, but I think it makes a big impact!

Anonymous said...

They look awesome! And yes, fuck perfectionism!

Tina said...

I love the capes and the name! I gave up on perfectionism a long time ago and man is my life so much better.

When I get time again, I will be making one of those applique biketards.

julie said...

Thanks, y'all! I didn't quite get the A placement when Syd designed it, but I sewed it as she directed, and I really like it now, too! I almost wonder what it would look like to have an A on each side, but that would have been MUCH fussier to sew.

I go back and forth about "perfect." I definitely like to work at the highest level that I can, but yeah, that does kind of do a number on one's emotional state every now and then! I'm pretty excited for myself that I was able to chill out about these costumes, because I super did need that.


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