Monday, January 19, 2015

A Party to Which I was Not Invited

I found this schedule of events a few weeks ago--it's Syd's handwriting, and it appears to be for a Christmas party that she was planning to throw for her toys:

There was to be a play (with particular attention to the part of the snow angels, I'm certain), some singing, I have no idea where Christmas land was meant to be--under our tree, perhaps?--a talent show, which, I know from long experience, was sure to have numerous acts, all very detailed and each lasting several minutes, and... some sort of other show:

And after that there was still a game of hide and seek to play, and then an obstacle course to complete (I vaguely remember a million building blocks and stuffed animals in the hallway one evening--was I disrupting their obstacle course run?), and then something to do with camouflage, and then another game that includes a spectacular though unfortunate misspelling of the word "hero". It would make a great, although still unfortunate and offensive, college party game, however:

And finally there's some singing, and then, as dearly as I love them, my favorite of all evening activities that children can engage in:

Perhaps I should start referring to our evening routine every night as a "party." The "take a shower" game. The "find your toothbrush" hunt. The "no, you may not take the ipad to bed with you and watch videos for the next three hours" song.

And then, of course, the "finally the children are in bed!" after-party.


Glue and Glitter said...

That after party sounds good. We have a similar one at our house every evening!

Tina said...

Yes, I agree that the after party sounds fantastic! Unfortunately I am usually to tired to enjoy it.