Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Hooded Towels and Painted Rocks

and a tutorial for Syd's new monogrammed hooded towel

It's just the thing for swim class and goofing around in the YMCA pool; it's easy for her to get around herself, it's easy to keep from falling off her as she walks, and it covers more of her body than a beach towel would, so that drying off is at least a possibility (what is with kids refusing to actually DRY themselves with a towel, instead huddling, soaking wet, underneath it while griping a lot?).

Unfortunately, the hooded towel is not quite a match for the morning diving lessons that Syd's been taking this week--what is also up with this late July being so COLD?!? The other, good parents have taken to bringing multiple towels and robes, etc., for their kids, but my kids, who know full well what they *ought* to pack for themselves for the pool... well, this morning Sydney brought a bath towel, still damp from yesterday because she left it crumpled in a heap in the car, and Willow didn't bring anything, because her crumpled towel had actually been underneath Syd's crumpled towel in the car, and thus was still dripping wet.

Air-drying at 70 degrees on an overcast morning is probably good for one's immune system, yes?

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