Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Altering a Softball Uniform and a Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

and a tutorial for the fruit and cheese dinosaurs that we served at Syd's seventh birthday party

At the party we also did this mini-watermelon dinosaur egg activity. The girls helped me and Matt paint mini watermelons to look like Easter eggs--

--and on the day of the party, I hid the giant dinosaur Easter eggs around our yard. There was one egg for each child at the party, and to begin the game I showed the children the one extra egg that we'd decorated so that they'd know what to look for, and told them to find one egg and then come back to the deck.

When all the children had returned with their egg I passed around a Sharpie so that they could label it to take home, and then Matt took out our example egg and asked them if they knew what a dinosaur egg looked like on the inside:

It was pretty cute to see the kids' faces, especially before he'd gotten the wedge cut out but after the red juice had started dripping off his hand.

Watermelon? Big hit:

Of course, there was even more food--

--some singing and a wish-- 

--and a walk over to the park to run the sugar off and open presents:

Although Syd was overwhelmed by the attention, she nevertheless claimed that it was the best birthday party ever.

And now she's seven!

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