Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Tank Tops and Markers

I think I'm going to try to not buy the girls any clothes this summer. They're still so easy to sew for, in these ages before darts and careful fitting come into play, and they're thankfully still of ages in which they're thrilled with whatever I sew for them (I understand that this may NOT be the case in a few more years, but hopefully by then they'll be sewing some things for themselves!).

This decision will mostly affect Willow--Sydney has a HUGE selection of hand-me-downs from her sister, an older cousin, and a generous acquaintance of mine, but Will's main source of hand-me-downs, bless her heart, is a playmate who is several sizes bigger than her; when Will's a tween, she'll be all set with summer clothes, but this summer, for her, may well be the summer of cropped pants and homemade shorts

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