Friday, March 29, 2013

Happily, We Dye our Eggs

using the super-bad-for-you food coloring that I'm trying not to use on actual food anymore,
and some plastic cups leftover from our week without a sewer

(I only buy paper/plastic for parties/vacations/sewer outages, but somehow, just knowing that a package is in the house, even if I don't need it anymore and *could* put it aside for the next party/vacation/sewer outage, is intoxicating. It ALWAYS gets used up)

oh, and popsicle sticks--we've been using same mega thrifted box since the babes were really babes

and eggs. mustn't forget the eggs

the kids are both filthy. this day was the first nice one in ages, and they'd been taking full advantage

part of our tradition is that you ALWAYS paint with the egg dye afterwards!

Such pretty colors. Even though we're atheist, Easter is one of my favorite holidays--I LOVE chocolate bunnies, and I LOVE dyeing Easter eggs. It's not a tedious craft, the results are always so vivid and lovely, and it sets you up for yummy lunches for the next two weeks.

Because, of course, as soon as Easter is over, we begin the celebration that is entitled Egg Salad Fortnight.


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