Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pink + Purple Circle Skirt + Bodice

In the process of creating a pattern for this year's Trashion/Refashion Show, somehow I ended up with this mis-matched, pinks and purples--

swirly-silly dress:

Or is it that kid who's swirly-silly?

The process is also getting a little silly, as I keep going back and forth on the hoop issue and up and down on the skirt length--this poor circle skirt pattern that I drafted has been trimmed and lengthened, um...three times? Four?

This dress WAS meant to be a muslin for the bodice + hooped underskirt of the final garment, but if I don't use the hoop, then I may ditch the underskirt entirely for several layers of petal skirt (and bloomers, because you just know that kid's going to twirl up on the runway!).

Ah, well... I needed to make a circle skirt pattern so that I could draft the petals, anyway.

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