Monday, February 6, 2012

The Rainbow Fairies' Favorite Candles

Are anybody else's kids as rabidly into the Rainbow Magic series as my kids are? Willow's been reading them since back when she first began to read, which means that my Sydney may very well have been weaned on them, and is now just as obsessed as Willow ever was.

The Rainbow Magic books are notorious between the adults in our family for putting the both of us straight to sleep when we read from them. Syd, who can't yet read, of course, checks out piles of them every time we're at the library, and since there are no audiobook versions of the Rainbow Magic series yet (GRRR!!!), Matt and I find ourselves reading them out loud to her. Every day. For hours. It was our little joke that in the summertime, I'd always read to Sydney out in the backyard in the hammock, with a nice pillow and a summer-weight blanket, and when I'd finished the book, Syd would climb out of the hammock, give it a little push, and send me off on a nice afternoon nap.

Everything is rainbow around here again these days--the fairies, Syd's design for this year's Trashion/Refashion show (more on that later), the play dough that we're making today, the Kool-aid-flavored bubble gum that we're also making today, and all our candles. As I was out in the yard last week in the suspiciously mild weather, taking photos of some new etsy listings, I took a second to update my rolled beeswax rainbow fairy candles listing:

For no other reason than that taking yet another photo of these little fairy candles is one more excuse to bask in their yummy, tiny rainbow-ness.

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Tina said...

It has been while since we were gripped by the Rainbow Magic series, but for a while, that was all we would check out from the library. Nowadays, if it doesn't have horses in it, she couldn't really care less- for the most part. Lately we have been reading (and anxiously waiting for the library to get more) of a series called Wind Dancers. The series is from Breyer and it is about Fairy Horses.
I need more wick! I would be happily making more candles, but I have no wick left. I wanted to get some locally, but I just might break down and order a bunch on-line.
Have you thought about recording yourself reading a few of their favorite Rainbow Magic books for the girls to listen to over and over? Might give you a bit of a break...