Monday, November 28, 2011

Crayon on Candle, Melted

The morning began (as many mornings around here do) with encaustic art:

It soon became apparent to me, however, that on this day, Willow was more interested in the reactions of the candle and crayon to each other than she was in their effect on the canvas surface, so I showed her how to drip some wax onto the canvas and use it like glue to mount her candle, at which point she could experiment more closely with her specific interest:

The rolled beeswax candle IS really fascinating to play with in this way--sometimes the melted crayon pours down between the rolls, so that you can vaguely see it through the translucent layers of the candle, and sometimes it pours down the outside, and layers add to layers, etc.:

Will burned that candle down to the ground, let me tell you, and many unwrapped crayons lost their lives, but the intuitive knowledge that she's gaining of the math of how fluid flows and the rate at which fire burns, and of the chemistry of heat reactions and changes in states of matter, and the practice that she's getting in problem-solving and meeting inquiry, not to mention how her mind and body are experiencing the ego-less pleasure of immersive free play, and the contemplative state of being of watching soothing, smooth, unpredictable reactions--well, that's a morning quite well spent!

P.S. I have a round-up of crayon crafts that DON'T involve coloring over at Crafting a Green World today, if you're interested.


Kathryn said...

We did this when we were little, too! We called it "smearing." So glad to see another creative mom! I love following your blog and seeing all of the neat unschooling ideas you have... Thanks for sharing your world! =)

Maureensk said...

Love all of these melting crayon crafts! DD (3) is in a bit of a "fear of hot things" mode right now ever since she was burned with a glue gun and then there was the "match incident" when I thought she might like to learn to light a match... Anyhoo, I'm sure she'll love to do all of these projects once she gets over her fears.