Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Melted Beeswax Play all Day

This is the season in which beeswax simply lives in the crafts crock pot, which in this season lives on the living room table. I was the most recent person to turn the crock pot on to make beeswax paper (at which activity I was, of COURSE, kept company):

That crock pot did not get turned off, however, at least not for several hours. All day long my girls, who are as familiar with beeswax as they are with any other art supply, simply played with it, turning the heat down to  partly solidify it then up again to melt it, stirring it and studying it--

--scooping out bits to play with--

---and just generally have the most intense, creative, joyful time that two little children can have, quietly and gently and occupied for hours.

I got SO many things done that day!

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