Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Pink, Purple, and Cream Twirly Girly Skirt

The weather has already taken a turn--a small turn, but a turn--and the younger girl is anxiously awaiting something special of her own, so I put aside my shorts experimentation (dreaming of Spring...) and turned myself, as well...

To skirts.

To be specific, to the Twirly Girly Skirt in Little Girls, Big Style, which may be Sydney's favorite book ever, and from which she wants what seems to be every single garment except for the peasant frocks.

We began, however, with the skirt, which has, I think, the best use for scraps and pieces of stash fabric, and doesn't require a pattern, to boot. Sydney chose, all independently and all, the pieces from my stash--a purple, two pinks, and a cream--and I fiddled and pieced each piece until I had the right length.

I definitely got my feet wet learning to gather, let me tell you--that bottom tier is a doozie! And yet...I now know how to gather!

Fortunately after all that gathering, the hem is a simple hem, and the waist is a simple elastic waist. The fashion show/photo shoot, is, OF COURSE, not a simple photo shoot, however, because the young miss has ideas. We couldn't just walk across to the park, nope--we had to head back to the library, where I had done Willow's first photo shoot for her Oliver + S shorts. Of course.

And then a nice stranger walked by, saw me snapping photo after photo of my babes, and asked if I'd like him to take a photo of all of us. And that's how we got a bit of a family photo shoot in, too:

They love those bear sculptures outside the public library:

They've cracked their heads there many times, but fortunately not on this day:

And then...well, we ARE at the library. Might as well go in for a while, grab a few books, maybe a computer game, before we head home:

Syd declared it the perfect skirt, and a perfect day.

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Mary Abreu said...

Love the skirt but the photos really make it for me. Y'all are just too cute! Please tell your little miss that I am glad she likes the book. Happy sewing!