Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rice Pillows

When I labored with Sydney, I didn't have jack shit to help me out, because my doula, my birthing ball, my essential oils, my rice sock, my hot shower, my midwife, and my friends who were going to babysit Willow were all several hours away back home in Indiana, while I was in Michigan going into labor six weeks early. Oops.

When I labored with Willow, however, although I only wish that I'd had a doula, I did have my birthing ball, my essential oils, my hot shower, my midwife, and this really awesome tube sock filled with rice that I'd made at my natural birthing class.

Good lord, I loved that rice sock. I would have married it if I didn't already have this guy next to me who'd gone and knocked me up. He's the reason that I got introduced to the rice sock, however, so he and I are still good.

The joy of a rice sock (or a rice pillow, as you'll see in a bit), is that rice holds its heat really, really well, and it's a kind of steamy, very soothing heat, as well, far better than a heating pad, similar to a hot water bottle but much longer-lasting. You simply microwave the rice sock for about a minute, and then you've got around an hour's worth of heat, packaged in this soft, hefty container that, because of the weight of the rice, really seems to penetrate. Mmmmmm.....get the idea?

Of course, I giant tube sock filled with several pounds of dried rice is really best suited for pregnant people with their giant bellies, so I did eventually pass on my precious, butt-ugly rice sock to a pregnant cousin, and to replace it I made a family's worth of flannel rice pillows, smaller but still hefty, as sturdy as a tube sock but with much softer, MUCH prettier fabric. Goofy fabric, for the most part, since the girls mostly chose it.

And one day last week, Sydney helped me photograph them to list in my pumpkinbear etsy shop:

A Little Helper

 There's that Little Helper Again
Soon I'll perhaps be able to delegate all the photography into her capable hands!

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Ria Tuason said...

Found you on the blog hop and now I'm following you! I love these cute little pillows. Having a 2 year old myself, I still get little aches and pains. I have a huge ugly rice sock which my husband is always making fun of. These are such a better idea and I love that I can leave them lying around the house and still look pretty! Inspiring. :)