Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Horse and Pony Obstacle Course

Otherwise known as two sisters playing together quite happily and with no shrieking, name calling, tattletelling, pushing, pinching, biting, hitting, or crying, thank goodness:
I had ordered some specific blocks from Barclay Blocks to make up chalkboard building block sets to sell this summer (mental note: snap photos and list on etsy!), and, as I always do whenever I order from Barclay Blocks, I threw in 20 pounds of scrap blocks for five bucks. Five bucks! Twenty pounds! Even though it bumps up the shipping cost quite a bit, it's nevertheless a complete steal.

I would be ashamed to admit to you exactly how many building blocks we now own, but I consider it fair. After all, some women indulge in shoes, while other women indulge in make-up. I own two pairs of shoes and no make-up, and probably a hundred pounds of much-beloved building blocks.

I like my indulgences best.

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