Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ocean Party

two wading pools

gold fish crackers

a Matt-carved watermelon


good friends from public school, private school, the local charter school, and three different homeschools

plus assorted moms and 2.5 dads

blue ocean jello with candy fish, whipped cream waves, and a graham cracker beach

It was tasty:

wading and swimming and splashing and jumping and shouting and running around like maniacs

brown paper treat bags, crayons, and foam stickers

ocean-themed chicken nuggets (I know--barf! But how to resist?)

bug spray

HOT day (thank goodness for the wading pools!)

shark pinata made from oatmeal canisters, cardboard, duct tape, and spray paint

It was quite whackable:

Quite, quite whackable:


lots and lots of candy

brownie beach cake with a cream cheese frosting ocean and hand-rolled beeswax candles

the birthday song

SO many photographs!

SO many good presents from generous friends:

So much laughter

So much fun

And one very, very happy, very, very beloved, brand-new seven-year-old.


teri@giddy.. said...

awesome theme! awesome watermelon whale! awesome pinnate!!!
very well done!

Homeschool family said...

Okay lets just say you do the best themed parties EVER rainbows and oceans?! respect to you and all of the effort you put into it.