Thursday, May 19, 2011

Writing versus Composition

Willow does not enjoy the physical act of writing, although she does greatly enjoy the mental activity of composition. Therefore, I require only a minimal amount of the former, and let her indulge in a massive amount of the latter, such as this little ditty, which Willow dictated, I served as amanuensis to, and she illustrated:
Poor Ned.

Willow's fine motor skills and hand strength are on par with her peers--I know this through watching her create Perler bead mosaics and Spiderman up all our door jambs--so my next move is to see if she'd like to learn how to type. Writing by hand is all awesome and old-school and I couldn't make a to-do list without it, but if I really want to sit down and write something, and I'm NOT following the kids around the Wonderlab or the playground for a change, then I know that I, at least, prefer to be able to get thoughts written down as quickly as I make them up. Why should the kid prefer any less?

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