Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Little Bit of Sibling Rivalry

I found this lying in the hall this morning, after Willow had disappeared in a huge funk about the very existence of her little sister--Sydney has apparently stolen Willow's love for the Rainbow Fairy books, even though Sydney can't even read them herself but has to have them read to her, and Sydney has also stolen Willow's love for the Petz computer game from the library, even though she doesn't even teach the animals any tricks, just dresses them up in silly costumes, AND Sydney has stolen Willow's love for the Crazy Machines computer game from the library, as well, even though she always cries at the third problem because she can't get through it:
My favorite part is the monsters at top and bottom, laughing evilly.

Syd can hold her own, however--here's a picture that she drew at the library yesterday, and presented to me in a sealed envelope with my name on it:
It's a family portrait, with me, Matt, and Sydney, all three cats, and the goldfish.

Who's missing from the portrait? Hmmm....

We love the Rainbow Fairy books and Crazy Machines!


Miranda Jacobs said...

When I was turning either 5o r 6, my parents got my a doll called "Baby Whispers". It was pretty much a fluffy baby doll with a creepy plastic head that whispered random things when you squeezed her.

Anyway, my younger by 10 months sister, Jennifer (aka SATAN) was extremely jealous of that doll and poured a bottle of soy sauce all over it, ruining it within hours of me getting it.

My response? To rip the heads off all of her Barbies, and cut all their hair off.

We still don't like each other, lol. I hope Sydney and Willow make out better by the time they're 26 and 27. ;-)

Tina said...

We also love Rainbow Magic! Good books :)