Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Her Star Party

Sydney wanted a "Star Party" for her fifth birthday.

Happy to oblige, my sweet!

As the little party attendees arrived, they were invited out back to paint a star mural on brown paper taped to the garage wall:

When they filled up the paper, it turned out that nobody wanted to paint over anybody else's work, but they all still wanted to paint, so I dragged out some giant sheets of newsprint, and the consensus moved onward to rainbows:

There was a star-shaped piñata for whacking (to make your own, check out my paper mache piñata tutorial over at Crafting a Green World):  
 Syd's having a little trouble letting go of her precious piñata, can't you tell?

Know what could make her feel better, though?
Why, that piñata's filled with candy!

We admired, sang over, cut, and served the rainbow layer cake decorated with star sprinkles:
And Sydney received presents from some very generous and loving good friends:
It was, clearly, the best birthday ever, and Sydney began her sixth year of life happy, well loved, and full of sugar, just as she'd planned.

Stay tuned, because Willow's birthday party will be later this summer, and she's already chosen her theme:

The Ocean.

Watermelon whale, blue Jello, and dolphin piñata, here we come!


Kimberly said...

there is NO way that Syd is 6, right? Tell me that's not right!! I had to have misread that??

julie said...

It's like when your baby turns one after the end of his first year of life, and then we say that he's one year old while he lives through his second year, until he turns two. Syd's got five excellent years under her belt, so she's only just now starting her sixth year of life--even bigger, better things in store.

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

What an adorable party!!! Six was such a fun year... I keep telling my guy to stay six forever, but he keeps reminding me about his birthday this summer. :sigh: