Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthday Waffles are Pink and Blue

On the morning of her fifth birthday (Fifth!!! FIFTH!!!), Sydney requested waffles for breakfast.

But oh, no--not just any waffles!
 Five-year-old Sydney wanted pink and blue waffles.

To make, mix up your favorite waffle batter, substituting organic white flour for the usual white whole wheat amount. Divide the batter into two bowls, and color each half separately, whatever color you choose.

Get out two ladles or measuring cups with handles, and scoop one color of batter into one cup, and the other color of batter into another. With one cup of batter in each hand, pour them at the same time into your waffle maker, swirling the colors or simply making them go halfsies:
 When you're finished, you'll have a nice, warm stack of two-toned waffles:
 And the birthday girl will pronounce her birthday breakfast a complete success.

FIVE. Can you even believe it?

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