Monday, April 4, 2011

I Love My New Open Toe Walking Foot

A couple of summers ago, I inherited a Brother CS-80 from Matt's grandmother, and I adore it. It came with a few useful specialty feet, and did not come with a few other useful specialty feet, which I have been sloooooowly collecting.

How slowly? I still don't have a buttonhole foot. I do them old-school instead, or I insert a zipper from my stash.

I've been doing more jersey knit baby gowns lately, however, and while it's quite possible to stitch a neat zig-zag without stretching that sensitive T-shirt fabric, it does require some fussing, especially on the neckline.

One of the specialty feet that Grandma Bangle gave me with her sewing machine is a standard walking foot. It works perfectly on all fabrics, but won't accomodate a zig-zag stitch. I kept forgetting that and breaking my needles, so eventually I set aside some etsy profits and purchased an open toe walking foot:
Ooh, it's awesome! I think now that I'll begin to experiment with even fancier stretch-friendly stitches.

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Teresa Robeson said...

I always feel like such a nerd when I drool over things like sewing machine attachments...but at least I know you understand.