Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Spy Four Kittens

Sydney's I Spy quilt took a LOT longer to quilt and put a mock binding on than I had anticipated. I just kept having all this parenting to do, and homeschool parenting, etc., so I have not had nearly as much hands-on just-the-Momma craft time that I'm accustomed to.

I've had a lot of Momma/baby craft time, in which Sydney sticks lots of random open safety pins into a quilt as I'm pinning it, until I run out of safety pins. I've had a lot of Momma/baby baking time, which I'll post about a little later, but just know that French bread? Yum. Chocolate cookies six different ways? YUM! Scrubbing the table and scrubbing the chairs and scrubbing the floors and washing every mixing bowl that I own four times every day for four days straight? Not so yum, but it is a hazard of the house.

And I've had a little, little bit of just-the-Momma craft time, thank goodness for Magic Tree House audiobooks, and in that little bit of just-the-Momma craft time, I finally finished quilting and putting a mock binding on Sydney's I Spy quilt, and laid it nicely and neatly out on her bed:
Two minutes in, it was already looking loved:
Of course, loved as Sydney's new I Spy quilt is, it really isn't even today's big news. Here's today's big news:
Four new foster kittens, come to stay with us until they're big and fat and ready to be adopted. We're already smitten with them:
And they seem pretty happy with us, too:
Kittens plus kiddos? I think my wild ride's going to keep going for a while.

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cake said...

i just wanna hang out on that quilt for a few years, and notice things about each square, and that square's relationship to other squares, and look for those mushrooms, where were they again?
such a wonderful gift she will treasure forever.