Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Six Dinosaurs and Two Police Officers

Normally I wouldn't even begin a child's birthday shirt until the night before her birthday, but since we're leaving on our road trip tomorrow, during which our baby will celebrate her birthday on the beach, I think this counts, and thus I crafted yesterday while the daddy took the girlies to the public pool.

During the walk home from the pool Sydney, on her balance bike, was pulled over and questioned by the police.

Well, technically the police were the ones who pulled over, since Sydney was waiting on her balance bike on the path at the tree where the girls are required to wait for us when they ride ahead. Matt, who was VERY far behind on the path, although in eyesight--hence the requirement to wait at that particular tree, which is visible--saw them drive by, then drive back by, then pull over, then get out of the car and walk over to Sydney, then kneel down to speak to Sydney. Then he saw Sydney turn and point to him on the path, and then he waved. And then he got to speak to the police officers, too. Matt did not recount the conversation for me, which means that it likely did not go well, but they did all manage to come home, and CPS has not been by yet, and thank goodness it was him instead of me, because although I am quite happy to have my children watched out for when we're out in the wider community, I am vastly more indignant than my good-natured, easy-going partner if my parenting is questioned or my civil rights tampered with.

I also have gotten into the habit of idly listening to the police scanner streaming online while I putter, so I must have been out of the room at the time, because I'm sure I would have recognized my little nuclear family being speculated about on the radio...

But meanwhile, happily, busily, ignorant of the fact that were I in Arizona my child would be at that moment in danger of being deported for she does not carry ID, I was crafting a birthday masterpiece:
Cricut Shapes Cartridge Dinosaur Tracks By The EachThe stencils were made using the Dinosaur Tracks cartridge, my Cricut, and freezer paper, and painted onto a thrifted T-shirt (it came tie-dyed) with Jacquard paints. I can't WAIT to see it on my baby on the beach on her birthday!

And also? We always cooperate to the extent of our legal requirements and the best of our abilities with the authorities whenever it is requested.


Anonymous said...

LOL...deported if they lived in Arizona for lack of ID!!

Yeah, I probably would have been torn between grateful and miffed, too, if said local police were talking to my kids on the street. Of course, we live in a VERY small town, and our police know EVERYONE and we know them!

Anonymous said...

Oops...forgot to type


julie said...

Apparently Matt felt like he had some explaining to do, which is my sole source of miffage. I'm down with high-fiving the kids and "Hey, what's your daddy's name?", etc., but I'm NOT a fan of the few times that I've been made to feel like I have to prove my innocence. AND I'm a white woman, so I'm on the very low end of police harrassment!

Poor police officers, though...I imagine that everywhere they look, they see a tragedy about a second from happening.

I know, right? That shirt RULEZ!!!