Friday, July 23, 2010

Home: The Newest WIP

Ah, it's good to be home! The dishes didn't wash themselves while I was away, but my bed sure is comfy.

I am somehow unable to leave the house for a vacation without wrecking said house, so quite a bit of the last couple of days has been taken up with cleaning, and laundry, and those darn dishes, and cleaning some more. There's been plenty of weeding, although not enough, and some harvesting, and some reading and playing, walking, and swimming, and some working out of some homeschool kinks (I tried to be one of those mommas who is comfortable with letting the kiddos have free access to the TV, but I am NOT one of those mommas, at least not yet), and a lot of grocery shopping.

What there has not been a lot of is crafting or writing. The Matty and I have a tentative schedule, just recently, wherein I have one evening a week at home alone to craft, and one evening a week in the generally empty grad lounge on campus to write. I'm not good at keeping such promises to myself, and so I even wrote it on the calendar this time--I LOVE to mark things off of the calendar.

And that's how yesterday evening, while the Matty took the girls to the playground and to water our two gardens and who knows where else, bringing them comfy home just in time for bedtime, I got to stay home, watch Seven Pounds and Doubt on Netflix, and lay out and halfway piece Sydney's I Spy Quilt:
I cut accurately, and yet it has so far been a bitch to get perfect corners on this quilt, even with a walking foot. I'm settling now for more perfect seams than not, and I'm hoping that practice makes...well, perfect!

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cake said...

a beautiful quilt. and one i don't think syd will EVER outgrow.
someday...i will quilt. perhaps in my autumn years...?

i love the idea of your schedule, and also know how hard it can be to stick to things like that.