Saturday, May 15, 2010

WIPs: These are for the Babies

Some WIPS currently being worrisome in my brain:
  • a roadtrip to plan (Arkansas+Tennessee-Nashville+Kentucky+the girls-my Matt=yikes!)
  • a book proposal to finish, which is spiraling OUT OF CONTROL!!!
  • a timeline to draw on the basement walls--sort of like the roll of paper timeline, but yep, you heard me, on the walls
  • unit studies on Arkansas and Tennesse and Kentucky (and Elvis) to create
  • children's swim lessons to schedule
  • etsy products to list
  • Crafting a Green World posts to write in advance of beforementioned roadtrip
  • laundry to do
  • etc., etc., etc.
However, I've put much of that aside for the short term to focus on a project that's been on my to-do list since the last Goodwill 50%-off Storewide Sale:
Baby bags!!!

T-shirts I'm transforming into bags for Barefoot Kids include Velvet Revolver, Wolverine--
--and Jimmy Hendrix, hell YEAH:
Yes, I've decided to use my jersey knit binding method for the neckline hem on ALL the bags, now, because I think it looks terrific in the same pattern that I use for the contrasting sleeves, and no, I canNOT get Electric Ladyland out of my head while I'm sewing.

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Anonymous said...

Check out Dinosaur World in Cave city, KY. You can see it from the exit off of I-65. And also, check out McKays Used Books, off of Charlotte Ave in Nashville.

If you're looking for distractions, they are right up your alley. good luck on your roadtrip.